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On 17 September 2007, the KIDMM community ran a one-day conference at the BCS meeting rooms off the Strand. The event was dubbed the MetaKnowledge Mash-up and was attended by over 90 people from diverse backgrounds: 10 BCS specialist groups or forums, three university libraries, several university departments of computing or information science, the British Library and The National Archive, two museums, ISKO UK, the Metropolitan Police, a new national and local government departments, two large consulting firms, and many independent consultants.

Eight speakers gave presentations, planned or impromptu. We have five sets of Powerpoint slides, two audio recordings, and a very detailed write-up of the entire event to share with you.

The conference written account

The entire one-day conference was recorded as audio, and this was used as an aide-memoire by Conrad Taylor in writing up a comprehensive account, spanning 24 pages, plus several graphics and a list of reference. This documents:

  • Conrad Taylor: event introduction
  • Tony Rose (IRSG): Information Retrieval today
  • Tom Khazaba (SPSS): Data Mining, Text Mining and the predictive enterprise
  • Ian Herbert (BCS Health Informatics Forum): SNOMED Clinical Terms – the language for healthcare
  • Dan Rickman (BCS Geospatial SG): Geospatial information and its applications
  • Christopher Marsden (V&A Museum): Integrating museum system at the Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Terence Freedman (TNA): Preservation of Datasets at The National Archive
  • Leonard Will: Issues in Classification
  • Richard Millwood (Core Education UK): Enabling knowledge communities online


Audio recordings as MP3

We have recordings of two of the talks given at the event:


Powerpoint slide decks from the speakers

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