Download zone

From the download zone of my web site, I will be offering access to various monographs and papers and articles that I have written over the years.

For each document offered here, my intention is shortly to write a brief abstract, and in some instances a thumbnail image; and the documents will be in time be organised thematically into groups, linked to via the yellow menu zone on the left.

However, just so there is something up here to provide access to the resources I’ve already uploaded, I shall start with a simple file list, linked to the PDFs for download. The list as currently organised prioritises those documents most likely to be of use to my students.

Document name Date Filename and link
Adobe and its Software 2009 Adobe&itsSoftware.pdf
An interview with John Warnock
founder of Adobe Systems
2004 JohnWarnockInterview2004.pdf
Briefing paper on Camera Raw files 2007 ideography_PBcameraraw.pdf
Briefing paper on metadata 2007 ideography_PBmetadata.pdf
Glossary of Digital Imaging 2009 DIgitalImage-Glossary.pdf
Take good care of your logos! 1997 CareForYourLogos.pdf
‘Line thickness, a means of expression’
— article for ‘Kunskapsbrevet’ magazine
2003 Linethicknesses.pdf
‘But I can’t draw!’
— a training document for student teachers
2003 But-I-cant-draw.pdf
On the Record – your meetings will echo throughout history!
— article on recording meetings, for ‘Kunskapsbrevet’ magazine
2004 KB-RecordingMeetings.pdf
Reference card: proof correction marks 1999 proofmarks2010.pdf
Typesetting African languages: an investigation 2000 Afrolingua_full.pdf
Publishing text in indigenous African languages
— paper for a workshop presented at BarCamp Africa UK 2009
2009 AfroPublishing.pdf
Information Design: the Popular Communication experience 2003 IDPopcommHistory.pdf
Training the design milita:
in-service design education for the non-professional practitioner
— paper for the Information Design Conference 1997
1997 DesignMilitia-IDC1997.pdf
Seeing How They Run
— report of an IDA meeting on public transport information, with John Cartledge.
1995 IDA_Cartledge_BusInfo.pdf
Custom Type Design
— report of an IDA meeting, with Bruno Maag and Peter Lofting
1995 IDA_CustomTypeDesign.pdf
‘Type’s Trajectory, from IKARUS to Acrobat’
— workshop paper for the Glasgow Style conference of BCS-EPSG
1993 TypeTrajectory1993.pdf
‘What has WYSIWYG done to us?’
— paper for Trialog 1996 conference, Stockholm
1996 WhatHasWYSIWYG_done2us.pdf
Getting a handle on it: achieving efficiency by improving
the structure, management and design of information
— paper for Trialog 1997 conference, Stockholm
1997 GettingAHandleOnIt.pdf
Information Literacy, the Information Society, and international development: report of a meeting, January 2003 2003 InfoLit_21jan2003.pdf
New types of literacy
— paper for the EIGVIL conference — ‘Explanatory and Information Graphics,
and Visual Information Literacy’
2003 literacies4eigvil_ct2003.pdf
Making and Organising Knowledge in Communities
— a review of literature & concepts, for the KIDMM event of the same name
2008 MOKC_LitReview_CT.pdf
Report from the initial KIDMM roundtable meeting 2006 KIDMM_6March2006.pdf
Knowledge, Information, Data and Metadata, and Technology 2006 KIDM-&-tech.pdf
Report from the KIDMM MetaKnowledge Mash-up 2007 KIDMM_17Sept07-Report.pdf
KIDMM informatics poster: Markup languages 2007 MarkUpPoster.pdf
KIDMM informatics poster: Text encodings 2007 TextEncodingPoster.pdf
Acrobat and the Reader: the design issues
— paper for the 1995 conference ‘Acrobat in Publishing’
1995 Acrobat_Design-Issues1995.pdf
Report of BCS-EPSG conference on Adobe Acrobat 1999 EPSG_Acrobat1999.pdf
Ontologies and the Semantic Web
— report of Prof Ian Horrocks’s Needham Lecture to the BCS
2005 Horrocks_needham2005.pdf
Greenwich and the Thames, a history
(hi-res version)
2007 Greenwich&ThamesA.pdf
Greenwich and the Thames, a history
(lo-res version)
2007 Greenwich&ThamesB.pdf
Arabia before Muhammad 2007 ArabiaBeforeMuhammad.pdf
Córdoba 956: 10th century Islamic Andalusia and the world around it 2002 cordoba_956.pdf
Fabula project: report on typographic options 2001 fabula_typo.pdf
Fabula: preparing pictures for multimedia 2002 pix4multimedia.pdf
Cardsorting 2008 CardsortingPlus.pdf