Knowledge, Information, Data and
Metadata Management

Through membership of the British Computer Society, which I entered sideways in the early ’nineties by way of engagement with its Electronic Publishing Specialist Group, I became aware of information not just as ‘content’ to be conveyed to an audience, but as something which itself needs curating, organising and managing. This can be done well, or badly, and these days information management is one of the major uses of computer technology.

In 2005 an informal coalition emerged between several of the BCS Specialist Groups, and this led to setting up an email discussion group called KIDMM, which expresses our interest in Knowledge, Information, Data and Metadata Management. KIDMM isn’t an organisation as such but acts as a network of individuals who are involved in various organisations which look at such issues as Information Management (IM), Knowledge Management (KM), Knowledge Organisation (KO), Data Management, uses of Metadata in all those fields of activity, plus Information Design (ID), Information Retrieval (IR), Medical Informatics and more.

About these pages

In this part of the site I hope to pursue several aims:

  • The KIDMM group has no home on the Web, so I shall collect here some resources of use to the group and of interest to others.
  • This will include a history of the KIDMM group, and an introduction to some other groups working in this area.
  • Participation in these networks has made me aware of various approaches to problem-solving and I know a number of organisations and individual consultants who help enterprises; I’ll provide introductions here.
  • I shall post links to various resources, such as books and journals, and notices of forthcoming meetings.
  • Sometimes I write up various conferences and meetings, and those will find a home here.