About ‘Conradiator’

I am Conrad Taylor, and this is my personal website for sharing or ‘radiating’ observations on a variety of subjects with which I am involved — including design, information and knowledge management, and environmental responsibility. Increasingly the content of this site has been taking on the flavour of retrospective documentary (personal and organisational).

The original construction of this Web site started in mid September 2010. In August 2016 I restructured and overhauled it. It is a place to where I can share thoughts, stories and resources. Actually, it grew out of an original requirement to post PDFs of some old conference papers and monographs, which are still available here under the ‘Resources’ tab above, and will be added to.

Revised structure

In this 2016 makeover I have removed some content categories which no longer make much sense. I’ve extended the ‘Essays’ category to cover reports of events, expanded the kind of resources which I will carry or point to, added a ‘Histories’ section to document some developments to which I have been witness (particularly in information management and publishing), and added a section about Knowledge, Information, Data and Metadata Management (‘KIDMM’).

In 2017 and 2018, most of the material newly added are accounts of seminars of the Network for Information and Knowledge Exchange (NetIKX), of which I am both Secretary and Rapporteur. These sit beneath the K•I•D•M•M Stuff tab (materials about knowledge, information, data and metadata management).