Graphic design and illustration work

Conrad in a printer’s paper hat

The Cat in the Hat: Conrad the print designer in a printer’s folded paper cap.

For more than half of my life I have worked with various aspects of Visual Communication, including hand-drawn and electronic illustration, cartography, the construction of educational and explanatory graphics and texts, calligraphy and typography, publication design, the production of software manuals, and more recently, work in video.

In this section of the Conradiator website, I present a small portfolio selection of my work in these areas.

Below, I give a brief introduction to the sections. You can also navigate between the category pages using the links in the left column.

Hand-drawn illustrations

Mostly brush and ink and pen and ink for printed reproduction, but also some pencil work.

Hand-drawn art, but processed by computer

Mostly line artwork which has been been given shading or colouring using Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator drawings & diagrams

I discovered Adobe’s object-oriented Bézier curve drawing software Illustrator shortly before it launched in April 1987, which makes it the software package I have used longer than any other (for nearly half my life — wow!) Here I show some earlier drawing and diagramming projects in Illustrator.

Mapping projects

Some of these projects were executed by hand, but most either in Adobe Illustrator or a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop. Some of the products were used in multimedia or video documentary projects. The purposes include historical educational media, presentation of statistical and geographic data, and wayfinding in cityscapes.

More categories coming soon